Who we are and what we do
  • We are a small  consultancy, specialising in IT partnering strategy, sourcing and vendor management.
  • We bring a wealth of experience and smarts across a broad range of vendor engagements and industries.
  • We execute with energy and passion. And we influence & lead through intelligent energy.
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What sets us apart
  • We're quick to understand what delivers real value for you and then plan and execute benefits for your business.
  • We care about creating outcomes for your organisation and building sustainable relationships with your partners.
  • We're well experienced in the hands-on challenges of IT delivery and operations and the implications of embedding vendors into your IT organisation.
  • Sure - we are experts in our field, equipped with a robust toolkit - but importantly we concentrate on intelligent execution that drives value for your business. 
Our values and how we work with you:
- We believe in the power of partnering for success - not just suppliers servicing you. Your people, working together, will achieve fantastic results.
- We're quick to take the time to understand your needs and then plan and execute benefits for your business. 
- We understand the constant pressure to transform, to reduce cost and to deliver faster. But we believe and respect that each client is subtly unique.
- We believe that collaboration and communication with your people and your partners are vital keys to success.

- We believe that your partners must have a sustainable, profitable relationship to invest in you and make your a "client of choice".
Industries we work in:
- Core sectors include: Financial services, Utilities, Retail and FMCG.
- But we believe our skills are universal.
- Our people: Principal is Tom Ort, a blah blah....
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